• In stock & ready to ship

    In stock & ready to ship
      Hi everyone, The moment is here! Two containers Just arrived to our shipping facility, so shipping will begin on next business day for all pre-order in Batch 1 (Batches 2, 3 coming soon!). We still have some customers haven't confirmed their shipping addresses. If you see this post, please check your mailbox (maybe in spam folder) and reply our order confirmation email. Please understand we...
  • Pre-order Shipping Update: Oct-12

    Pre-order Shipping Update: Oct-12
    The Covid-lead global supply chain disruption continues to grow. This is is the longest we’ve had a shipment stuck in waiting to dock. But the good new is we received confirmation from our freight forwarder this morning that our second container is expected to be loaded and picked up within the next 5 business days.  Vessel Voyage on B/L: EVER FUTURE 1209-003E Customs Status:...
  • Your bike had arrived!!

    Your bike had arrived!!
    Hello Everyone, Been a few days since we’ve last updated! Everything seem to be running smoothly so far. I would like to share the lastest shipping status with you. Shipping Update:Status - Customs clearance in progress The container will travel to the distribution center after finishing the custom clearance. The estimated shipping will be in August 27th. Thanks again for your patience with us. I need...
  • Lastest Shipping Update

    Lastest Shipping Update
    This is an exceptionally busy season for the FedEx filfillment center and there are often delays at the some packages due to the extremely high volumes they are handling at this time.
  • Shipping Update: The customs are cleared

    Shipping Update: The customs are cleared
    The customs are cleared. The X3 Pro will be arrived at our warehouse tonight and we are prepping to ship!
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