2021 Wallke X3 Pro- Reserve- (Australia Only)

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Wallke X3 Pro | W-PAS | A well Rounded Full Suspension Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike | A Great Hill Climber And Mud Warrior

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Matte Green
Matte Gray
Matte Black
Desert Tan

750 Nominal Watts Motor

Your Wallke X3 Pro is a rear-hub drive, Your Wallke X3 Pro full suspension folding eBike with a 750W power drive system. The power is excellent, braking is exceptional and the suspension is definitely adequate for everything, puddles, rocks, mud dirt, snow. Ebike performance(Top speed) on hills depends on factors including the weight of rider, steepness of the hill, cargo load on the bike, battery power and more.

48V 14AH Lithum-ion Battery

The Wallke X3 Pro electric bike runs on a 48 volt system and has a 14 ah 186500 cells 3500 mah battery for an estimated max range of 60 miles with pedal assist. The unique design is the battery, which is completely hidden in the bike frame, making the body look more integrated and aesthetic.

Note: All range estimates are contingent upon rider weight and steepness of the hill, cargo load on the bike, battery power and more.

Double-disc Hydraulic Brake System

The fluid hydraulic disc brakes are sweet, 1-2 finger operation that stops the bike quick and won’t wear your hands out while you ride. Double-disc hydraulic brake provide you with strong stopping power, which can stop the bike in a more effective way, even in loose terrain. You can choose any speed to complete your journey, and perfect brakes fully protect your safety.

Air Suspension & Lockout & 1000pd Hydraulic Alloy Rear Shock

The Wallke X3 Pro Electric Bike has a great air suspension that offers 100 mm of travel. It also has a rear suspension with 30 mm of travel. This suspension does a good job at mitigating moderate shocks and can even handle some more extreme terrain. Superior shock reduction is designed to make off-roading powerful yet comfortable. The firmness of the front suspension can be adjusted for balance between performance and ride comfort. It also has a travel gauge so you can see the travel of the suspension after riding.

Seamless Welding Design Frame

Wallke x3 pro is built with a sturdy 6061 aluminum alloy frame refined with premium design. Different from most traditional ebikes, Wallke x3 pro use seamless welding technology. Making the aluminum frame seamlessly, improve the aluminum frame sealing performance and decorative performance. The wallke x3 pro houses the battery in the main frame tube. The battery can be charged either in or out of the bike.

High Luminance Colored Display

Intelligent color display provides a digital display offering accurate battery level, speed, usb charging port and distance traveled. the visual effect is good both from different angles and under strong sunshine. the display side has no fixed cable harness. fully apply the latest technology of board-end-connector to the displays.

Note: Please do not use this charging port to supply power to your device, which is not conducive to normal work and detrimental to the health of your eBike display.