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We're pleased that sales of the 2021 Wallke X3 Pro have been good. It leads us to the real point. We think we should upgrade it to be attractive to the more sports minded outdoor enthusiast. We released our latest ebike model, the 2023 Wallke X3 Pro, in December 2022. The all-new 2023 Wallke X3 Pro has been upgraded and enhanced in almost every area. Here are the highlights: 2021 Wallke X3 Pro vs.2023 Wallke X3 Pro: Which Is Better?

Spring Flash Sale

Spring is coming, time to get outside! ‌You can currently save $300 on our 2023 Wallke X3 Pro eBikes and get an extra gifts value $59. The Wallke official website prices shown are US currency.

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Use code "X3PROS" at checkout to save $400 per bike when you purchase two Wallke X3 Pro bikes at the same time (at less 2 units). 

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Holiday Bundle: FREE phone holder and bike lock ($59 Value)

Color: Army Khaki