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Upgrades | Wallke X3 Pro | W-PAS

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$100 discount code:  Wallke

Wallke X3 Pro | W-PAS | A well Rounded Full Suspension Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike | A Great Hill Climber And Mud Warrior

Upgrades: New seamless welding design; High luminance colored LCD display; See more in our blog

48V 750W brushless motor

WALLKE X3 PRO proudly boasts power never-before seen in a WALLKE family.The 750W motor with wallke power assist system to greatly extend the maximum range and conquer beach, snow, mountain and other terrain.  The wallke development team design the energy-saving system. when the bike gliding and downing hill, and convert it into electrical energy, which can achieve the goal of energy-saving.

48v14ah SAMSUNG lithium battery

The rugged aluminum alloy frame includes a hidden battery pack, 48v14ah SAMSUNG large capacity lithium battery deliver over 60-70 miles per charge with pedal assist or around 40 miles in throttle mode.

Double-disc hydraulic brake system

Double-disc hydraulic brake provide you with strong stopping power, which can stop the bike in a more effective way, even in loose terrain. you can choose any speed to complete your journey, and perfect brakes fully protect your safety.

The best brake and shock absorption effect

All-aluminumshock-absorbing, adjustable front, efficient air suspension fork. Combined with the fat tires, you can expect better handling, improved cornering capabilities, and an overall smooth-as-air riding experience.

100% aluminum alloy 

Made of 100% aluminum alloy, streamlined design: the body is made of all-aluminum alloy, including foldable pedals, cranks, leather handles, silicone seats for a great riding experience, Shimano 8-speed shifting To meet your various cycling needs!

Intelligent color display

Intelligent color display, this feature supplies WALLKE X3 PRO with three levels of electric pedal assist. Intelligent color display provides a digital display offering accurate battery level, speed,  USP charging port  and distance traveled.