New Bike Setup

Open the Box
Carefully unseal the box and remove the contents, and ensure you have the following underlisted parts:

Wallke Mountain Bike's Frame and Back Wheel, Front wheel, Left and Right Pedals, Lithium-ion battery, Keys Charger for the battery packs, Seat, seat post and its quick release, Headlight, Fender, Rear rack, Tool kit box and manual

The Assembly toolkit is included in the package.Please follow the step-by -step assembly instructions to assemble your bike as our youtube assembly video. If you are not confident of safely assembling the bike by yourself, we strongly recommend you take this bike to a bike shop nearby for assistance or have them assemble it for you.
Charge the battery
We highly recommend you charge your Wallke eBike's battery before use. The entire charging process might take between 3 to 6 hours to be fully charged. When the battery is fulled charged, a green light indicators appears.
Final check
It is recommended to check the bike before every bike ride