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Brand Concept

For every free thought that dreams fly,
Record every beautiful moment of life.
Wallke will witness with you!
Join Wallke and let's record a beautiful life together

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Content creators with a broad social media audience, whether that’s onInstagram,YouTube,TikTok, or beyond.

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Become a Walker Dealer

We have a professional brand promotion group that will provide you with all-round support. As long as you are interested in our brand, please join us and fly for the dream of freedom

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Join the Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program makes it easy for cycling enthusiasts to turn their passion for the sport into commissions on qualifying sales by linking their website or app with thousands of our products.

Why Choose Wallke

Earn 5-10% commission

30 Day Cookies

Free shipping to the lower 48 states

High average order value ($1,299~$1,899 ebikes)

Extensive, premium quality content including videos available for use

Loyal customer base results in high conversions and increased commissions

Dedicated affiliate management