Be a Representative

Be a Wallke Representative

We're looking for supportive, faithful, and generous Wallke Riders who are enthusiastic about sharing their WALLKE bikes, providing satellite test rides to prospective buyers, and getting involved with their communities! If you own a Wallke e-bike, welcome to join us and become a Wallke product representative!  

What you get?
1. We will offer you the WALLKE apparel for advertising.
2. You will receive a reward if a test rider uses your exclusive coupon code to purchase a product.

3.You have a chance to become our sole agent.
4. You are likely to receive our new model as deep cooperation.

Please aware we will list your info on our website test-ride location page to allow our potential riders to contact you. We won't sell your personal information. 

The most important one is that you could benefit from each order without any investment. You doesn't take risks.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact us.

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