• In stock & ready to ship

    In stock & ready to ship
      Hi everyone, The moment is here! Two containers Just arrived to our shipping facility, so shipping will begin on next business day for all pre-order in Batch 1 (Batches 2, 3 coming soon!). We still have some customers haven't confirmed their shipping addresses. If you see this post, please check your mailbox (maybe in spam folder) and reply our order confirmation email. Please understand we...
  • Pre-Order Shipping Updates - 5/17/2022

    Pre-Order Shipping Updates - 5/17/2022
    If you are wondering about your Pre-order status, I would like to share a little more shipping information with you to help you determine when will you get the bike. It'll be updated on a weekly basis. This shipping updates will cover a container location, estimated arrival time(Container) and estimate shipping time(Bike). Where is my bike? Bikes are loaded in containers few weeks ago. The ship...
  • X7 Pro Lanunch!

    X7 Pro Lanunch!
    It's here!!  We are thrilled to announce that we've launched the newest ebike to our lineup, the Wallke Aniioki A7 Pro. It has a 750W powerful motor, dual rear suspension, 4" fat tires, and the very generous 48V 20AH SAMSUNG battery is a great choice.  It has all the features that could want in an eBike. Dual Rear Suspension & Coil Suspension - designed for reliable, accelearating...
  • WALLKE'S 4-Year Anniversary

    WALLKE'S 4-Year Anniversary
    Four years ago, Wallke launched with a vision: to create the most high-end yet affordable eBike on the market. our first model, Wallke X2 has higher performance than the other electric fat bike in 2018. But we didn’t sit still, we launched the upgraded version - Wallke X3 Pro. To celebrate this historic moment, we are currently offering a special promotion for our customers. Please check the $250 OFF discount...
  • Cruising into the new year

    Cruising into the new year
    As this year comes to an end and the 2022 is coming, we wanted to offer our sincerest gratitude for your continued support.  Please check the $200 OFF discount on our Wallke X3 Pro to make this New Year different. But don't wait too long - This offer lasts until 11:59PM (Pacific Time) Jan 5, 2022. Is 2021 the year you start riding Wallke? We can’t wait to see you cruising into the new year. Your support means the...
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