New H6 Series Pre-Sale Announcement
We would like to express our gratitude to all the enthusiasts who showed their love for the Wallke H6 electric bicycle last year. The remarkable features of its extensive battery life, dual-battery design, fully foldable fat-tire structure, and responsive shock...
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Wallke Ebike error codes explained and solutions
Your Wallke eBike is equipped with an error detection system integrated into the display and controller. If your bike stop working and display an error code,  it indicates a malfunction of your ebike. We recommend a quick inspection of your your electronics.
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Add Anti-Theft Device for your eBike
Ebike popularity has risen, especially during a pandemic, with that comes increased bike theft.  You should do something to deter theft from stealing your ebike. If you're using an apple device, we recommend you to add an Anti-Theft Device airtag...
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