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The Wallke story

We started by recognizing that many potential bike customers had a dilemma in their choice :  traditional bike or luxury ebike? On the one hand, traditional bikes require effort to ride and this can spoil the fun for many. On the other hand, eBikes, while a lot of fun, seemed just too expensive to consider. And thus Wallke was born with a singular goal : to create Ebikes that require less rider effort (as much or as little as the rider desires) and at an affordable price point.

Wallke was founded in March 2018, Guangzhou, and is owned by Liesheng Trading LLC. Our company address is, Guangzhou Liesheng Trading Co., Ltd, Room 203, No.188 Jianshe North Road, Huadu District, Guangzhou. We’re a diversified electric bicycle company with an R&D base and a complete standard electric bike production and assembly line. 


Wallke eBike

A New Travel Era Has Arrived

The World shutting down due to Covid has temporarily brought the travel industry to a near standstill. However, at the same time it has spawned an insatiable desire for eBikes! Wallke could not have picked a better time to bring our excellent products to the American Marketplace. Wallke eBikes are quality products at a reasonable price point within the ever-growing eBike market. If you don’t mind having a beast, I think the Wallke X3 Pro will not disappoint  

100% Guaranty Delivery

Orders for in-stock products typically ship in 1-3 business days, unless otherwise noted on the product page. For Pre-order products, the shipping month is listed on the product page. We will share the first shipment date and pre-order announcements on our blog. We stand by our shipping policy, all the order was tagged as Guaranty Delivery.

Best customer service

At a time when seemingly every company has given up on Customer Service completely and blames their failings on COVID-19 (at least the ones that have already gathered your money),  Wallke eBike puts customer service first. We understand COVID-19 happen in business that may be out of your control, but it's what you do to resolve it that defines what type of business it is. Don't hesitate to contact us when you need!

For whatever reason, you've chosen to end your mild workout using pedal assist but you're still a few miles from your destination point. No worries! Sit back, throttle up and let your eBike do all the work to bring you home! 
WARNING: You may feel an exhilarating fresh breeze on your face!!

Hongkong Company: Hong Kong Lit Shing Trading Limited


Phone/Text: +1(323) 841-3459

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