Embracing the Electric Journey: Bruce's Wallke Experience

Jan.23, 2024


1. A Serendipitous September Encounter 

In the crisp days of September, I first laid eyes on an E-bike rider, sparking my curiosity and kickstarting my E-bike journey. The allure of long-range E-bikes captivated me, leading me to a dealer in Kennett Square, PA, where I test-rode the Eahora. It was early October when I had my first taste of E-biking freedom on a Juliet Eahora.

2. Wallke Triumphs Over the Competition 

After discovering Wallke and assembling our bikes, Lori and I embarked on a 10-mile journey to showcase our Wallke bikes to the dealer. The stark contrast between the Wallke and the Eahora we test-rode solidified our decision – the Wallke was a superior ride.

3. From Cycling to E-biking: A Paradigm Shift 

E-biking brought a paradigm shift in my outdoor activities. While cycling was challenging and exhausting, E-biking became an exciting and exhilarating experience. As a newcomer to E-biking, every minute on my Wallke has been a thrilling adventure.

4. Why I Chose Wallke 

Quality matters, and the Wallke E-bike delivers an enjoyable ride every time. My initial interest in Aniioki and Eahora faded after reading negative reviews from their owners. The Wallke community came to the rescue, endorsing it as a superior E-bike, and they were spot on.

5. The Joy of Adventure 

E-biking goes beyond the thrill; it's about exploring back roads, savoring nature's beauty, and sharing these moments with my wife. Riding our Wallke bikes has become a bonding experience, adding a new dimension to our quality time together.


6. From Failed Attempts to E-biking Success 

Failed attempts at challenging outdoor activities led me to roller skiing and eventually the Elliptigo. The ease and enjoyment of E-biking made it a sustainable choice for me.

7. Embracing Regular Rides 

Since acquiring our Wallke bikes, I've been hitting the road every weekend, clocking about 120 miles so far. The regularity and joy of these rides have become a cornerstone of my routine.

8. Paved Roads and Trails for Preferred Riding 

I find solace on paved roads and trails, steering clear of dirt roads or mountain biking. The smooth ride and scenic paths amplify the overall E-biking experience.

9. The Lazy American Conundrum 

While biking might not become the primary mode of transport in the U.S., addressing electric transportation seriously is crucial. Overcoming the stereotype of American laziness is part of the challenge, and promoting electric alternatives can be a game-changer.

10. Encouraging Others to Take the Plunge 

To the curious souls, I'd say, give E-biking a try. I did, and it has become a love affair with being active and immersed in the great outdoors.

11. A Supportive Wallke Community The Wallke Facebook group stands out for its positivity and support. Encouraging Wolf, the founder, to engage not only in praise but also in addressing frustrations is pivotal. Guiding and setting expectations for newcomers foster a more trusting community. If anyone has questions, feel free to reach out; I'll provide honest answers to the best of my ability.

In essence, my E-biking journey with Wallke has been transformative, and I'm eager to share the joy and possibilities it brings.



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