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Color: Gray
Battery: 48V 40AH
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48V40AH/60AH (1920WH/2880WH)



All Wheel Drive System

Dual Motor


Speed Approximately 33-34mph

Top Speed


4-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes


apple find my

Apple Find My™ Theft Alert, APP

Smart Display


Rear Motor (All Wheel Drive)

AWD e-bikes perform exceptionally well on demanding road surfaces such as sand, snow, and mud, where maintaining traction and stability is of utmost importance.

H6 Max display

Smart Display

Wallke H9 AWD works with Apple Find My™. Simply add it your Find My list of devices and you’ll be able to track where your bike is anytime, anywhere.


Front Motor (All Wheel Drive)

All-wheel drive (AWD) e-bikes typically work by integrating a motor in both the front and rear wheels, providing power to each wheel independently.

40AH/60AH Rear Battery

No much of range anxiety or too slow the speed, none of that.

Electric Bicycle Controller-48V/28A, suitable for Wallke H6.Wallke H6S.Wallke H6 ST.Wallke H6 STL.Wallke X3 Pro.


This controller ensures that the acceleration and deceleration on the ebike feel smooth and responsive, thereby improving the overall riding experience.


Dual Motor Hubs - AWD System With Selectable Drive Control

Wallke H9 AWD bike is equipped with a 1000W (Peak 1600 Watt) front-mounted motor and a 1000W(Peak 1600 Watt) rear-mounted motor. Combined with Off-road fat tires can tackle any terrain.

RWD Mode: For maximum distance with minimal power usage.

FWD Mode: For maneuvering over loose terrain, slippery surfaces, or snow.

AWD Mode: For conquering the most challenging, steepest terrain.

Dual Battery Compatibility - Longest Range Battery on the Market

With a massive battery capacity, riders have the flexibility to explore new routes and travel longer distances without worrying about running out of battery power. It comes with a single rear battery. If you interested in going extra miles on your H9 AWD, you can select our dual battery kit that allow you to double your range.


Incredible Display With Apple Find My Integration!

Wallke H9 AWD features a full color display and is compatible with the app and navigation. It also integrates with Apple Find My app and password protected for added security.

How to Install Ebike Front Wheel of Wallke AWD?

Never Lose Your Bike With Apple Find My™

Wallke H9 AWD works with Apple Find My™ (iOS only). You're able to use the Find My app to take action to recover your lost ebike.

E-bike Navigation App

Seamless rides await with our E-bike Navigation App! Effortlessly navigate your journeys, track ride stats, and elevate your eBike experience. Stay connected, stay adventurous.

Password Protection

You can set a password in your electric drive system so it cannot be started by an unauthorized person.


Patent Foldable Dual Battery Frame With Full Suspension

We applies for patent on this dedicated e-bike frame. This patent frame adopts dual-battery design, which offer more flexibility by allowing you to carry two batteries right on the frame. The rear suspension, a nearly unique feature of the Wallke H9 AWD, which really soaks up big bumps and undulating terrain.

Please aware it comes with a single rear battery. We offer our dual battery kit that allow you to double your range.


Adjustable Front Fork

This fork can be very useful for those who what to go down hill quickly or those like me that are kind of heavy with an electric push be more in control. It has a lockout lever to allow for quick adjustments while riding to stiffen or soften the fork, depending on weight and riding style.

Rear Suspension Systems

The dual rear shocks is unique and innovative, like an early era motorcycle. The trails you ride vary from asphalt to dirt, to rocks and the suspension on the bike is a real winner.

Quad Piston Hydraulic Brakes and Larger Rotors

In most situations we're sure the 2 piston calipers would be adequate but every braking advantage we can get will add to our personal safety. We'd like to upgrade our h6 awd to be safer.

Smart Display with Apple Find My™ Theft Alert, GPS-Tracking and APP

This nice large easy to read display have some of the advanced adjustments as was on the original. Major advantage is adjustments for password protect, pedal assist changes Apple Find My™ Theft Alert, GPS-Tracking and APP.

CST 20X4.0" Fat Tire

Fat tire bike uses larger tires than a standard mountain bike, and they have a lower center of gravity, which together reduces the liability of injury. When riding this bike, you're less liable to fall or be knocked over by obstacles because the fat tires provide greater traction and stability.

Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift System

The 7 speed gear shift system allows you to access more varied terrain on your bicycle due to the range in gears. It made your hill climbs in the local mountains much more enjoyable.


Half-twist Throttle with Horn

The half twist throttle makes it easy for riders to adjust their speed and acceleration by simply twisting the handle with their wrist.

See and Be Seen in Most Situations

This upgraded 1000 Lumen LED headlight is good for riding at night. We feel confident it will light up the trail with plenty of battery life.


My Ass Says Thank

This oversized seat is much more comfortable than the standard peloton seat. It will make the ride noticebly more comfortable.




Wallke H9 AWD

Bakocu Kodiak AWD

Ariel Rider Grizzly


$2099 / $2399




Mag Wheel

Spoke Wheel

Spoke Wheel


48V 40AH / 60AH Lithium-Ion

48V 25ah Lithium-Ion

52V, 20Ah and 52V 15AH Dual Batteries


Two hub motors, 1000 Watt (Peak 1600 Watt) Rear-Mounted, 1000 Watt (Peak 1600 Watt) Front-Mounted

TWO 500W Hub Motors, one in the front hub and one in the rear hub

Two 1000Watt brushless custom hub motors


Four-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake

Hydraulic Disc Brake

Hydraulic Disc Brake

Brake Disc

203mm Rotors

180mm Rotors

203mm Rotors


Smarter Display With Apple Find My™ Theft Alert, GPS-Tracking And APP

Backlit Colored LED Display With Easy Diagnostics Feature and Light Sensor.

LCD display Easy Read Display with Backlight, Colorful Screen









Top Speed

Approximately 33-34mph








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