Riding in the wild wild west with the H7 AWD

June.28, 2024

Tracy's journey into the world of electric biking began as a practical solution to the hustle and bustle of downtown commuting. "E-bikes don't get parking tickets!" he quips with a smile, highlighting the convenience and freedom they offer in urban settings. This newfound mode of transportation not only saved his time and money but also opened doors to a world of adventure he had yet to explore.

Venturing beyond the cityscape, Tracy discovered the untapped potential of electric biking during a fishing trip to a serene mountain lake. Armed with his trusty H6 model, he found himself spending more time on two wheels than in his kayak. "Having both is great!" he enthuses, reflecting on the enhanced experience of exploring the lake's surroundings from the saddle of his bike.

For Tracy, his bikes are more than just modes of transport—they're extensions of himself. "My bike has wheels, therefore, I have wheels," he muses, embodying the sense of freedom and empowerment that comes with electric biking. The Wallke E-bikes he loves are not only practical but also exude a sense of style and originality that resonates with his adventurous spirit.

Embracing the capabilities of electric biking, Tracy marvels at his ability to conquer terrain and distances that would have been challenging on a conventional bike, especially considering his age and orthopedic condition. From competitive kayak fishing to camping, hiking, and fly fishing, his electric bike has become his trusted companion in outdoor pursuits.

Tracy's daily commute of 16-20 miles, traversing country roads, mountain passes, and even boulevards, showcases the versatility and reliability of electric biking. He believes that communities with bicycle-friendly infrastructure foster happier populations, aligning with his belief that the pursuit of happiness is paramount in life.

However, Tracy acknowledges the challenges facing the ebike community in today's society. As ebikes transition from being anomalies to mainstream modes of transportation, they face scrutiny and bias from those who do not yet understand their potential. Nevertheless, Tracy remains optimistic, believing that with time and education, society will come to appreciate the benefits of electric biking.

In conclusion, Tracy's journey with his H7 AWD ebike epitomizes the spirit of adventure and freedom that defines the electric biking lifestyle. From urban commutes to mountain escapades, his ebike has become an indispensable companion, enriching his life in ways he never imagined. As the ebike community continues to grow, Tracy stands as a testament to the transformative power of embracing alternative forms of transport in the pursuit of happiness and adventure.


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Wallke H7 Step-thru AWD
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