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Pre-order of X3 Pro in Sep 2021

Jackson Bay/72/E

17-Sep-2021 20:00 


The JACKSON BAY is off Japan, heading to LA.  They left Yantian 5 days ago.

Last updated: 09/07/21

The JACKSON BAY is more than half way across the Pacific now.  

Last updated: 09/10/21

The JACKSON BAY is off the coast at about the Oregon-California border. 

Last updated: 09/15/21

They’ve anchored off Santa Monica, around the corner from LA. The LA anchorage is too crowded for them.

Last updated: 09/18/21

 The vessel is en route to the port of Los angeles

Last updated: 09/22/21

 Ready to ship now

Last updated: 10/20/21

shipping update

Pre-order of Wallke  Scooter in Sep 2021

It will be arrived at the LA port soon. Orders placed today scheduled to ship around Sep, 18th.

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