Wallke H6 Rear Battery

Sale price$699.00

It's a larger capacity 48V 21Ah (1008Wh capacity) Lithium-ion Battery with SamsungCells. Great that it's removable to transport.

This battery is only compatible with Wallke H6 electric bike. Two keys are supplied to unlock and lock the battery. Each set of keys are unique. Please keep your key and its spare in a safe place. We don't have copy keys for sold battery.

All the Wallke e-bikes come with a battery, only purchase if you need to replace the battery or want a spare battery at home or office. 

What's in the box?

Battery and two keys.

The battery will shipped from China, The FedEx/UPS TRK# was prepared in advance while we were waiting to get on plane for shipping to the US. So it won't be activated until the goods reach LA.  It needs 9-17 business days to deliver.

Style: 40Ah Battery