Kyle's WALLKE Adventure: From DIY Projects to Thrilling Journeys | Why WALLKE

Nov.22, 2023

Embark on a fascinating journey with Kyle, a devoted WALLKE enthusiast, as he recounts the evolution of his cycling adventure, from crafting his first DIY eBike to exploring the great outdoors.

Kyle's introduction to the world of eBikes was unconventional — a college project he built himself. Reflecting on those early days, he notes, "The first ebike I ever rode was a college project I built myself! Before that, I had not tried one, as very few were in existence at the time." However, it was the daily commutes that became the heartbeat of his cycling experience. "The times I rode to and from work became the most memorable. It gave me something to look forward to at the end of each day and every morning," Kyle shares. Delving deeper into the essence of cycling, Kyle muses, "Cycling combines physical strength, speed, adrenaline, and mechanics. No other sport lets us become part of a machine the way cycling does." This profound connection with the act of cycling laid the foundation for his continued passion.

Transitioning into his experience with WALLKE, Kyle emphasizes the significance of the large battery capacity. "The large battery is great; I got to do a nice long ride without worrying about the range," he expresses.


For Kyle, the greatest pleasure in riding an electric bike lies in "getting outdoors and going places that are otherwise hard to reach." The freedom and accessibility that eBiking provides have become integral to his outdoor escapades. Beyond eBiking, Kyle finds joy in various outdoor thrills. "Motorcycles, aviation, anything that brings a bit of a thrill!" he enthusiastically shares. This eclectic mix of activities paints a vivid picture of Kyle's adventurous spirit.

Committed to regular cycling, Kyle emphasizes, "As often as I can, usually several times per week, even if just short distances." His dedication to the cycling lifestyle is a testament to the transformative impact it has had on his daily routine. While mountain biking holds a special place in his heart, Kyle expresses his enjoyment of "all types of cycling roads." His diverse preferences showcase the versatility of eBikes in catering to different terrains. Considering biking as the main mode of transport, Kyle offers his perspective: "It's far cheaper than driving a car and is more fun. I think it's growing quickly as a form of transportation in the US." This viewpoint aligns with the evolving trend of considering biking as a sustainable and enjoyable means of commuting.

In a lighthearted sign-off, Kyle shares his consistent advice to fellow riders: "I always tell people the same thing before they go for a ride. Have fun and don't crash. 😁" This encapsulates the ethos of enjoyment and safety that defines the WALLKE community.


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