Wallke H6 Series

Full Suspension Long Range Fat Tire Electric Folding Bike

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Color: Grey
Battery: 48V/40AH(1000w) H6-MAX
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48V 40AH (1920WH)



1000W (Peak 1600W)

Rated/Peak Motor



Top Speed


Four-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes


apple find my

Apple Find My™ Theft Alert, APP

Smarter Display

Wallke H6 MAX

The powerful fat tire eBike that's affordable for everyone.


1000W Powerful Motor

1920WH Li-ion Battery

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Dual Rear Suspension

Smarter Display With APP

high performance motor

High Performance Motor

This powerful motor has plenty of power to either assist your pedaling or to carry you effortlessly, as you decide.  The motor drive is quiet, powerful, and surprisingly quick to accelerate to its maximum speed. The ride and suspension seat are comfortable and you can spend hours on the bike with no problem. It's fun to ride and make your riding experiences more enjoyable. 

upgraded light for safety cycling

Upgraded Light For Safety Cycling

Both the front and rear brake light will automatically be illuminated when the bike is powered on. The rear light will get brighter when the brake levers are engaged. This rear light with integrated brake signal can illuminate the road and remind the back riders, when riding at night or at any other times of poor visibility. 

find my app

Built-In 'Find My' & Navigation & APP Sync

Wallke H6 MAX ebike will be compatible with the Find My app. You're able to use the Find My app to take action to recover your lost ebike. The Wallke app allows ebike riders to record and track their bike rides, navigation and more!

more battery capacity

More battery capacity

The new model has a larger rear battery, supporting higher performance and longer range. This frame adopts dual-battery design, which offer more flexibility by allowing you to carry two batteries right on the frame. You can buy the second/front battery when you’re financially prepared.


Choose Your Perfect Ride

WALLKE has two frame options for riders to choose. The step-over frame would be a perfect choice if you're going to ride on unpaved area or ramp. And the step-through frame is good for daily riding.

H6 outdoor ebike

Unleash Your Power

Your Companion for Any Terrain, Anytime, Anywhere!


Never Lose Your Bike with Apple Find My™

WALLKE H6 MAX is our first e-bike that is compatible with Apple Find My. You're able to use the Find My app to take action to recover your lost ebike.

E-bike Navigation App

Seamless rides await with our E-bike Navigation App! Effortlessly navigate your journeys, track ride stats, and elevate your eBike experience. Stay connected, stay adventurous.

front fork

Front Fork

H6-MAX features a flexible and adaptive hydraulic front fork that helps smooth bumps and improves off-road performance. In addition, the fork has a lockout lever to allow for quick adjustments while riding to stiffen or soften the fork, depending on weight and riding style.

rear shock

Rear Shock

Double rear shocks - designed for road, mountain, city traffic and trails, giving you a better and more stable ride.

foldable frame

Foldable Frame

FOLDABLE FRAME DESIGN - Folds up in seconds! It saves space and is convenient to place, making your travel easier and more convenient.

rear derailleur

Rear Derailleur

Whether you're out for a long ride or have a nasty hill along your normal commute, if you have a bike with pedal assist you'll finish your ride feeling more energized instead of drained. Going over rough terrain and up hills becomes much easier with the pedal assist feature.



203mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes-Double hydraulic disc brakes can offer incredible power to give you the maxmium brake force at higher speed, even in loose terrain.

half twist throttle

Half Twist Throttle

The Thumb Gear Shift Lever has a light feel and smooth shifting power. With a downshift lever and an upshift thumb button, the ergonomic handle design and intuitive digital gear display make it easy to determine gear.

H6 S display

H6-S Display

H6-S - Smart Display will provide us with all important parameters: speed, mileage, ride time, motor, ODO, battery level and power assist.

H6 Max display

H6 Max Display

Wallke H6 MAX - Smart Display will provide us with all important parameters: speed, mileage, ride time, motor, ODO, battery level and power assist. It has powerful functions such as connecting mobile phone navigation & positioning & APP monitoring car health.


We upgraded the headlight to motorcycle style. It's bright enough to see far enough ahead to go anywhere quickly.



Set in softer leather, this bike saddle is ergonomically designed to help dampen the effects of shocks and silicone for extra comfort, making it a great choice for long rides.



Wallke H6

Wallke H6S

Wallke H6 MAX


$1499 (Super Early Price)

$1699 (Super Early Price)

$1899 (Super Early Price)


Spoke Hub

Mag Wheel

Mag Wheel


750w (Peak 1400W)

1000w (Peak 1600W)

1000W (Peak 1600W)


48V 32AH (1536WH)

48V 36AH (1728WH)

48V 40AH (1920WH)


Four-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake

Four-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake

Four-Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake

Brake Disc

203mm Rotors

203mm Rotors

203mm Rotors


LCD Smart Easy Read Display With Backlight, Colorful Screen

LCD Smart Easy Read Display With Backlight, Colorful Screen

Smarter Display With Apple Find My™ Theft Alert, GPS-Tracking And APP








Apple Find My™

Top Speed









5Amps Fast Charger

5Amps Fast Charger

5Amps Fast Charger

Charging Port








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