Wallke rider's kit

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The bike can go really fast, which you should know having a mirror very important. mirror is adjustable and has a set screw, which is easy to attach. The blue glass is anti glare and works well. 


Double cylinders works faster than the old one cylinder pump. It's compatible to universal presta and schrader valves, id max foot air pump can inflate for bicycles, electric vehicles, cars, motorcycles, baby carriages gas-filled, wheelchairs, air cushion, swimming ring, basketball, football, life buoy, air bed, and any inflatable balls toys.

Phone Holder

Straight out of the box I knew I was going to love it. Feels solid, looks sleek, easy to assemble and install/remove, simple to insert phone (one handed), padding everywhere your phone makes contact to better hold, prevent damage, and absorb shock. 

Bike Lock

It's a great lock and works well. Easy and smoothe to move the numbers, and easy to unlock with the right password.  His length is just right for securing the bike to a pole or rack and/or securing the frame to the front tire. Does exactly what it supposed to do, lock bikes! 

Bundle Includes ⚡️ 

Bike lock, phone holder and pump (Option 1)

Bike lock, phone holder and pump (Option 2)

Back rest, footpeg set and mirrors (Option 3)

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