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Wallke X3 Pro display advanced settings explanation
The Wallke X3 Pro is equipped with sophisticated color digital display. If you made a couple more adjustments and can’t remember the default settings for the advanced settings, the below instructions for the control unit will guide you how to change your display advanced settings. 
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Wallke X2 Pro Display Manual
Thank you for your purchase of a Wallke eBike. Please Read this entire manual before using your new Wallke X2 Pro.  If you have any questions at all regarding the basic troubleshooting below reach out to Wallke eBike customer support. The...
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Wallke X2 Pro User Manual
  Dear Wallke Riders, Thank-you for choosing an Wallke X2 Pro. Please read and understand this manual fully before assembling and riding your bike. If you have questions after reading this manual, please contact us by email, or give us...
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