Wallke X2 | Electric Fat Bike | Wallke Ebike

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The WALLKE X2 is the original model of WALLKE family, which is powered by a high-performance 48V 10.4Ah Samsung Li-Ion battery with a cruising range of 35-40 miles. Double-disc hydraulic brakes offer ample stopping powered.


Mini But Contructed

The Bike weight is fairly light. If you live up a flight of stairs and it's def a chore to carry it upstairs. This scooter is very well constructed, very sturdy. It was too easy to assemble.

Portable Folding Design

I think there great easy to get around no need to sit on a bus or train ( with covid ). You can get to your destination with no traffic and no hassle fold it up walk with it.

Long Range Trip

Featuring a 48V 12AH Battery HU3 Pro allow you to ride up to 34 miles and a 15˚ uphill climbing angle, perfect for daily commuting.
Can pretty much get you anywhere in the city and back on a single charge. Great on some steep hills aswell.

Cruise Control

The front LCD display is very easy to read and I think you love large numbers and battery indicator. HU3 Pro has cruise control and it worked very well in reducing fatigue during long straight aways.