Wallke H6 Dual Battery Folding Electric Bike

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The Wallke H6 eBike * 1


Battery Charger

Integrated Front Light and Tail Light*1


Integrated Rear Rack *1

Assembly Tools * 1

Owner's Manual * 1

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With the best prices, free shipping and no sales tax*, here is one more great reason to go ahead and order your e-bike before the weather warms up for the riding season.

We think a dual battery foldable model opens a world of possibilities for travel because you can put your bike in the car and travel to places that are too far away to ride any bicycle to, like mountains, or a beach. And dual suspension with a great seat will make this a very comfortable ride for anyone.

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Availability:  35Ah option (In Stock)   21Ah option (Pre-sale)


  • 35AH dual battery option, ship within 1-2 business days (In Stock) 
  • Back battery only option, orders placed today are scheduled to ship before October 15th (Pre-sale)

35AH Option Free Gifts: Double barrel bike floor foot pump, bike mirrors, bike lock and phone holder (Bundle Value $129). No need to add to cart. 

21AH Option Free Gifts: bike mirrors, bike lock and phone holder (Bundle Value $79). No need to add to cart. 

1. What is the difference between the Wallke H6 and regular 20 inch folding eBike?

The Wallke H6 feature our upgraded 750W motor, two seperate 48V Samsung batteries 1,680 Wh and twin rear shock absorbers, LED rear light with brake light function, suspension seat, an improved full color display, and a higher 300lb weight limit.

2. How do I ride? Do I have to pedal?

It’s important to understand that the bike has two completely separate (but complimentary) drive systems:

  • an electric drive system that powers the bike through the controller and/or throttle
  • a eight-speed system you power by pedaling yourself

3. What class is this bike rated at?

The Wallke H6 ships as a class 3 electric bike.

4. What is the weight capacity of the H6?

The Wallke H6 have a total payload capacity of 350lbs.

4. What is the rider height limit on your H6 Ebike?

The recommended rider height is 5'4"- 6'5".

5. What are the folded dimensions?

Folded:39” L x 31” H x 27” W / 100cm L x 80cm H x 70cm W

6. How to calcuate the capacity of an ebike battery?

E-bike battery capacity is measured in Watt-Hours or Wh. To calculate the capacity, multiply the voltage (V) used on the bike by the Ampere-Hour (Ah) rating. For the Wallke H6, for example, multiply 48Vby 35Ah = 1680 Wh. More Watt-Hours equals more range for your e-bike. 

Summary Wallke H6 Sondors Fold XS Mate X
Motor 750 watt rear hub motor BAFANG rear hub motor 750 watt rear hub motor
Display Color LCD Display Includes USB Port Color LCD Display Includes USB Port Color LCD Display Includes USB Port
Frame 6061 aluminum alloy 6061 aluminum alloy 6061 aluminum alloy
Range 85-170 miles 40 - 60 miles Up to 120 km
Battery 1584 mAh 672 mAh NA
Pedal Assist 0-5 0-5 0-5
Charger US standard 3.0 A fast smart charger US standard 3.0 A fast smart charger US standard 2.0 A smart charger
Tail light Include No Include
Controller 48V 30A
48V 20A
Brake Hydraulic disc brakes Hydraulic disc brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Front Fork 26" hydraulic suspension with lock and adjust controls Air fork with lock and adjust controls hydraulic Suspension with Lockout
Throttle Thumb throttle Thumb throttle Thumb throttle
Sensor Cadence Sensor Cadence Sensor Cadence Sensor
Class  Class 3 Class 2 Class 2
Motor Output 750 watts-nominal 750 watts-nominal 750 watts-nominal
Peak Output 1000 watts 500 watts /
Derailleur Shimano 8 speed Shimano 8 speed Shimano 8 speed
Light Included Included Included
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