Wallke X3 Pro (Local pick up)

Sale price$1,500.00
Style: X3 Pro | Tan S/N 20992200325

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All the bikes are inspected to the high standards to ensure they’ve been restored to good condition to manufacturer quality standards.

Arrived assembled. Local pick up only in Phoenix, AZ.  We can also help you with being a test ride facility if needed in Phoenix, AZ. 

X3 Pro | Black  SN# 209921905100659 
X3 Pro | Tan S/N 20992200325

X3 Pro |  Black S/N 209922119200576
Mileage: 13 miles

Wallke X3 Pro | Gray S/N 209922019200805
Mileage: 680 miles

Wallke X3 Pro | Black
S/N 209922019200565
Mileage: 78 miles (after testing)

Wallke X3 Pro | Black
S/N 209922019200464
Mileage: 102 miles (after testing)

The tan bike is a used model, in good condition, with 110 miles.