Is the Wallke X3 Pro suitable for my height?

Is the Wallke X3 Pro suitable for my height?

If you was wondering about the frame size, I would like to share a little more information with you. If you're over 5'6" in height, I think Wallke X3 Pro is suitable for you. 

If you have a question about the handlebar height, let me assure you that we can raise the handlebar level by replacing the stem with a longer one to suit your comfort preference.

Our Los Angeles store is now open so if you are passing by or visiting the area, please come by and take a test ride of this wonderful bike!


ToTal Length
75 1/2"
Headlebar Heights
43 1/2" 
Max Seat Height
43 3/4"
Mini Seat Height
Wheel Diameter
28 3/4"
46 3/4"
Handle Bars Not Folded 25 1/2"
Handle Bars Folded 19 1/2"
Recommended Rider Heights 5'6"6'4"
The carton package size (Inch) 61 L x 11W x 31H





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