Lastest Shipping Update

Lastest Shipping Update

Orders placed on 03/01//21 - 05/1/21 Delivery

Orders placed on 05/01/21 - 05/13/21 SHIPPING IN PROGRESS

All the packages has left the Wallke warehouse. Your parcel is still on its way to you.

Orders Placed on 05/14 Pending

In-stock orders typically ship the next business day.

A bit of sad news, all the packages have been scanned except for the May 7th and 10th orders. UPS did pick up the bike from our warehosue on May 10th. 

We had contacted with FedEx team for few tims. One of thier representatives told us that this is an exceptionally busy season for the FedEx filfillment center and there are often delays at the some packages due to the extremely high volumes they are handling at this time.

I hope you all understand the difficulties of shipping now, Logistics is severly affected but many others are too. Shipping has gone crazy with a lot of upcost but we will bare all of this. The good news is we will signed an alternative shipping agreement with UPS to ship the items. 




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