Shipping month has arrived!

Shipping month has arrived!

A quick follow up on the Pre-order X3 Pro shipping status and the following statement:

Shipping month has arrived!  The first X3 Pro Container have arrived to Los Angeles. It will be released by Customs around 5-7 business days, then the bikes will be shipped to our Chino warehouse. 

All those who have an estimated delivery for Mid April are referred to as the first batch. If your order estimated shipping date states Mid May, it is referred to as the second batch.

It is acceptable to modify your shipping details at this stage. We need your help to check or update your shipping details (shipping address, post code, phone number, etc.) again. If you need to update your shipping info, please contact Wallke Customer Support to make the necessary adjustments. 


All the best :)

Wallke eBike Team


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