*Urgent Note: Please do not buy the unauthorized Wallke X2/GS3.0

*Urgent Note: Please do not buy the unauthorized Wallke X2/GS3.0

Hello Everyone,

We received a report. A number of forged Wallke X2/GS3.0 will in circulation, please do not buy. We'll make it harder for the liar to sell those untrust bike to someone else!  This is the same bike as our Wallke X2, the only difference whatsoever is the eBike display on the bike itself. 

Wallke warranty page is for purchases made through this website or the WallkeDirect store on sites such as Amazon. Forged or stolen bikes are not covered under warranty. 

Wallke eBike is not responsible for any damage resulting from Forged or stolen bikes. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to personal property, personal injury, or death.

This seller have been cribbing from us. We will accused this company of diluting our brand. We are going to go very far against this seller if needed and he'll see, he'll be kicked out of American Marketplace.

If you're considering buying a Wallke eBike product, please make sure to slect Wallke official online store, authorized Online Partners, authorized distributor, retailer.

Let me calm everyone down and get them happy and enjoying the Wallke Brand.


Wallke eBike Team

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