X7 Pro Lanunch!

wallke ebike X7 pro lanunch

It's here!!  We are thrilled to announce that we've launched the newest ebike to our lineup, the Wallke Aniioki A7 Pro. It has a 750W powerful motor, dual rear suspension, 4" fat tires, and the very generous 48V 20AH SAMSUNG battery is a great choice. 

It has all the features that could want in an eBike.

  • Dual Rear Suspension & Coil Suspension - designed for reliable, accelearating
  • 48V/20AH SAMSUNG battery, over 65 miles per charge - Long-range travel 
  • Powerful 750W brushless geared hub motor - makes it easier to climb hills and navigate demanding terrain
  • Integrated headlight and tail light - Commute further & more safety
  • Super early bird price - Save $300

To repay your love and support along our journey, we've decided to offer a super, early bird price for our first batch items. 

And don't forget your extra $300 off when you purchase our A7 Pro e-bike. Use code A7Pro to claim your deal. Hurry before this limited offer ends on April 30 at 11:59pm EST! 

Order now and we'll ship it to you immediately -- just in time for your spring riding! Can't wait to see you guys with your Wallke Aniioki A7 Pro!!.

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