Intelligent Electric Bike LCD Display User Manual

April 21, 2020

LCD intelligent  password display

The WallkeX3 and Wallke X3 PRO is equipped with intelligent LCD display.

LCD display is located on the middle of the handlebars has many features including Password-protected, Throttle Assist Boost, and plenty of electronic feedback to name a few. The dashboard have USB ports for charging other devices, it can be a nice convenience feature if you like to use your phone for music or navigation while riding.


  • Battery and battery percentage indication
  • Motor Power indication
  • Assistance-level indication
  • Speed indication (incl. running speed, Max. speed and Ave. speed)
  • Odometer and trip distance
  • The push-assistance function
  • Trip time indication
  • Backlight On/Off
  • Error code indication
  • Pedaling frequency indication(optional)
  • USB connection indicator (optional)
  • The remaining range indication(optional)
  • Various Parameters Settings (e.g., wheel size, speed-limited, battery level bar, assistance level, controller limited current, password enable, etc.)
  • Recover Default


 General Operation:

 -Switching the E-bike System On/Off

Briefly press the power button to switch on the E-bike system, and provides the power supply for the controller. To hold the power button for 2s, the E-bike system will be switched off . The E-bike system no longer use the battery power. When switching off the E-bike system the leakage current is less than 1 uA.

■When parking the E-bike for more than 10 minutes, the E-bike system switches off


You can learn about it  by clicking here.


General Settings:

-Speed-limit Settings

The default value of Wallke X3PRO is 28mpm/h. Speed Limit represents the limit speed settings. When the current speed is faster than speed limit, the E-bike system will switch off automatically. Speed limit range is 14mph/h to 28mp/h.

To change basic settings, press the “+” or the “-” button to increase or decrease until the desired value is displayed. Press the “i” button to confirm, display "OK" words prompt operation is completed. To store a changed setting and exit General Parameter Settings, hold the “i” button for 2s.

The User Manual below will show you how to perform the general setting.



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