IMPORTANT UPDATE: Wallke H6 Upgrade series will be available soon!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Wallke H6 Upgrade series will be available soon!
We would like to introduce to you our upcoming three upgrade series versions: H6, H6 S and H6 Max electric bicycles. This upgrade series has also made remarkable improvements in core configurations such as chargers and motors.

First, let's focus on the charger aspect. Each of the three new products comes with a 5A fast charger, providing users with more flexible and convenient charging options. Whether you are using H6 series electric bicycles for work, travel, or leisure, you only need to choose the appropriate charger power according to actual needs, and enjoy pure and smooth electric riding at any time. In addition, in the full-color smart LCD display, H6 Max adds Bluetooth, location and navigation, and more

In terms of motors, we always pursue the ultimate driving force and excellent power performance. The H6 is equipped with a 750-watt motor, which provides you with stable and strong driving force, and can easily cope with various scenes of urban or suburban riding. The H6S and H6 Max have been given a new upgrade, equipped with a 1000-watt motor,  an unbeatable combination of power, range, and versatility. which further improves the driving force and acceleration performance, bringing you a surging power experience.

Not only that, our H6 series electric bicycles also have many practical functions and comfortable designs. Humanized engineering design, strong and durable frame structure; seat cushion and handle are made of high-quality materials to provide a comfortable riding experience; H6 S and H6 MAX are equipped with high-brightness 800LM headlights to improve the safety of night riding. At the same time, users can easily understand key information such as current speed, driving distance and remaining battery power through the electronic display.

Our H6 series electric bicycles not only meet the needs of short-distance transportation in urban areas, but also provide more possibilities for bicycle enthusiasts who love outdoor adventures. While saving time and reducing pollution, you will also get closer to nature and feel the charm and beauty of nature through cycling. Whether you're looking for the convenience of travel or the excitement and speed, we've got a product for you. The huge beast will accompany you to start a new riding journey!

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